Education and Teaching

Teaching is the part of education. Scope of education is very wide. Teaching, teacher, school environments, students and subjects are the basic elements of education. Teacher can interact with students, if a good education system is in school or college. Without good education system, teaching can not bring good result. Many teachers think that there is deep relationship between education and teaching.

Teacher also gets education from his teaching. Every problem teaches teacher a new lesson. Students love only those teachers who have deep educational knowledge. For example, we can take the subject of business environment. Its all education is already mentioned in various books of MBA, but when a teacher will teach business environment, he will read and understand the topic. After this, he teaches it to his students. It means, teacher is also learner but he is mature learner and he also takes benefit from this education. Education is a must for every person. Teacher and his teaching is good source of education. So, a student should take benefit from his teacher.

These days, if you have internet and you search on youtube for finding some solution via video, then you find large numbers of teachers who are providing education online. It is not formal teaching, but they teach informally to the world. Suppose, these contents are being written by me for students who are appearing UGC-NET examination, but this education can be also used by the students who are doing B.Ed. because this topic is in UGC-NET and B.Ed.      

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