Download Split Transition File for Making Double Role in Movie Maker

Earlier, I made the tutorial for telling you the double role. In this tutorial, I told you that for we had to make two video clips and after making it was divided into two parts with split transition verticle. Now, you can direclty download this file from our server at here .

Instructions for Installation :

  1. Run the downloaded exe file and extract the xml file inside it. It should ask you to specify the AddOnTFX folder with a default value of "C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\Shared\AddOnTFX"
  2. Restart Movie Maker.


To use this transition, place two clips on the Storyboard and apply one of these transitions in the middle. Change to Timeline view and drag the right hand clip towards left as far as possible without changing clip order.

Details of the Trick:

Split video effect is a name given to the the special effect achieved by showing two video clips simultaneously on the screen where a part of each clip is masked off in some manner to show the remaining part of the other clip. This is different from Picture in Picture effect in the sense that none of the clips change its size. 
In this package this effect is achieved by using the normal set of transitions that come with Movie Maker otherwise called DxtJpeg/SMPTE wipes. The trick is to freeze these wipe transitions in the middle using the undocumented Progress

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