How to Fill UGC Net Application Form

Following is the simple process for filling the form of ugc net application.

Teaching Aptitude PDF

 Today, we are happy to announce Teaching Aptitude PDF version, which, you can see at Google Docs open web page. You can also download it.  In this PDF file you will read meaning of teaching aptitude, its importance, meaning of teaching and factors affecting teaching, we have made in it. We also provided explanation on the basis of expert's book.

Change Video Background

With this video, you can Change a Video Background Using MoviePlus Serif.

Download Split Transition File for Making Double Role in Movie Maker

Earlier, I made the tutorial for telling you the double role. In this tutorial, I told you that for we had to make two video clips and after making it was divided into two parts with split transition verticle. Now, you can direclty download this file from our server at here .

Education and Teaching

Teaching is the part of education. Scope of education is very wide. Teaching, teacher, school environments, students and subjects are the basic elements of education. Teacher can interact with students, if a good education system is in school or college. Without good education system, teaching can not bring good result. Many teachers think that there is deep relationship between education and teaching.

How to Make Design of Picture with Picture Effect in Ms Word 2007

Above is special gift of New Year 2010 for you. This is not plate but simple flower. This flower picture is converted into plate form by using picture effect of ms word 2007. Ms Word is advance than ms word 2003.

What is Google_Hints?

Google _hint is simply keywords in google adsense code for telling google about what information is given in article or contents. It is the way for showing targeted ads in any web page.
Google is providing this facility to very few and famous webmasters who has different varieties of contents. But google is not giving this code to every webmaster. Its parameter will show like below

google_hints = 'qualities husband, marriage, love’ ;