Factor affecting teaching

To know factor affecting teaching is so important because after analysis all factors which affecting teaching , teacher can improve himself and can become good teacher and create better citizen for country . If study teaching subjects , we find many factors which affecting teaching which can write in list of these factors.

1. Educational qualification of teacher

Higher qualified teacher can provide high scholarly instructions which can effect than general graduate teacher. Many teachers hold different degrees which is the sign of their higher education qualification. A teacher is just B.A. and other teacher is M.A., M.Ed., PhD, if we compare both, then is sure that higher qualified teacher can cede good teaching result.

2. Skills

Skill is an ability to do any work with better way. If a teacher has teaching skill then he can provide effective teaching. Often says that teaching is God gifted but getting good education training and Psychologize best educational books, we can get this skill and create better result. In teaching talent we can include following skills

Þ Communication skill of teacher
Þ Taking teaching aids
Þ Technique of teaching
Þ Method of teaching
Þ Human relation skill

3. Experience of Teacher

Experience of teacher affects also the teaching. After increasing teaching experience, a teacher learns many new things in teaching experience which he can employ in next time teaching. First day teacher may not effect on students but after 5 years teaching, a teacher can more effect on students.

4. Class – room environment

Class room environment effects also on teaching. This environment is made both by teacher and students.
Without both active participation in education, teaching never effects. If the concentration lives in class room and students listen teacher’s voice and teacher also cares the activity of teacher doing interacting with students.

5. Economic Factor

Economic background of teacher and student is also affected teaching. Even salary of teacher effects on his thinking level. Poor and rich students can also classify economically and sometime these factors can effect on effective teaching.

6. Administrative policies of school or college or university

Administrative policies also effect teaching. Teacher wants to instruct with his way but administrative policies is not allowed, so the voice of teach can stop and effect of teaching may slow in class room.

7. Subject Matter

Sometime when a teacher teaches that subject in which he is not specialize , he can not create any effect through his teaching but same teacher can teaches his specialize subject with better way .

8. Parental expectations

What are the expectations of parent on students? This factor can be defined psychologically. If parent wants to frame up his children doctor or engineer and continually stress on student, sometime student may not at that rank, so mentally he can create depression and which can stop effective teaching of teacher.

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