How to make double role video with window movie maker software

You would see double role in Hindi movies . Do you know how to make double role ? Making of double role is not tough . If you know window movie maker basics , you can easily learn the steps of making double role .

First of all we download and install Split verticle transition file from here. After this when you import two movies in window movie maker , then you pick one video and add mix on other video and after this you pick verticle split transition and put on mixed movie .


  1. hi vinod can u pls explain it a little more detail . plsssssssssssss

  2. Sanjeev please tell your email address , I can send you demo

  3. hi vinod i did not understand this.
    "then you pick one video add mix on other video" what did you mean by this.
    verticle spit transition ,is it already available in windows movie maker.
    I was not able to down load from the link you have given.
    many thanks

  4. It means that you have to download split transition file and after this mix between two video . That is very simple . Two video acting , you have to make first ok do you understand . and one thing more try you will download it again

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  6. please tell how can it possible i am desperate to make double rool video

    this is my id

    hope u help me

    with regards ashish

  7. please send double role movie demo
    i am M Abdul Rehman

    my email address :

  8. hi vinod can u plz expalin how u did tis. tis is sumanth send me details tis is my mail id

  9. kindly send me also pls...the demo
    thanks in advance

  10. hi vinod...

    plz mail me the demo video and method...

    thanks bro....

  11. you please send me a demo...

  12. Its better if you download avs video editor for editing videos.
    thats free,usefull and is very easy to use..

  13. It was a good support, appreciate it, now to make double role video with winmovie maker software is easy with your guidance. Thanks