Pingalwara , Amritsar - Best charitable society

Pingalwara , Amritsar is home of hope of the person who are orphaned , homeless and effected with dangerous diseases . It was established by great Saint of India , Bhagat Puran Singh . At the time of Indian partition , many people lost their home and effected physically and mentally .
At this time Bhagat Puran Singh helped and served first helpless person Piyara . After this Bhagat Puran Singh started his work of social at mission base .
Now , many deaf , dumb and blind persons and students are also getting education , health and other necessary things on your donation . So please donate Pingalwara , Amritsar .
All India Pingalwara Charitable Society
G T Road, Amritsar - 145 001PunjabIndia
Tel : +91-183-2584713 +91-183-2584586
Mobile : 9814535937 - Col. (Retd.) Darshan Singh Bawa
Email :
Webmaster Email :
NBC Bay Area has launched a good video on YouTube , which is showing progressive working in Pingalwara Amritsar in this video students of Pingalwara is using mobile for interacting with each other . Because they are disable to talk like other normal people .

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