How to reduce side-effects of computer on eyes

These days , due to spending more time on computer , many peoples and children' eye sight is reducing. The parents are taking more tension of this , because reducing eye sight's main effect is
on their education .

But , they can not prevent student for not seeing computer or Internet because , it becomes also major part of education . So , For mom and dad I am giving some tips with this you can easily solve this problem.
  1. Always advise to your children that they should leave computer after 1/2 or 1 hour and take rest .
  2. They should give them proper diet and in diet milk and other vegetables are very necessary.
  3. It is also duty of mother to promote and guide their children for walking on green grass . This is very useful for reducing the side-effects of computer on eyes.
  4. If any child feel and show that his eye sight is weak due to continues watching of computer , then at that time , it is also duty of parent to carry their children to expert eye specialist .

5. Try to ban unnecessary watching of computer .Parent should teach their children that they should only learn useful content on computer and save time for playing some games in ground or park .

6. In last Try to make understand to your students that their health is more important that their entertainment on computer . you should make time table for your children to watch computer and Internet .

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