How to Make Design of Picture with Picture Effect in Ms Word 2007

Above is special gift of New Year 2010 for you. This is not plate but simple flower. This flower picture is converted into plate form by using picture effect of ms word 2007. Ms Word is advance than ms word 2003.

We all know that photoshop is the best software for making great design from picture but there are many cool picture effects in it for designing the picture .After learning these effects , you can make good design like design in photoshop .When you paste any picture in ms word 2007 and select it; you will see a new button of picture tool in above menu. Click it and you will find many options in it for making advance design of pictures.

Picture Effects

Preset & 3 D Rotation

Preset option in picture effect can change 3 D format of picture. You can change the design according to your need. You can also give your picture different direct with 3 D rotation. If you click last option of 3D rotation, you will find both option 3D format, 3 D rotation. With this you can change the design by choosing new bevel, depth, contour and surface and save it.


If you want to make some shadow on the border of your picture design, then, you can change its transparency, size, blur, angle and distance also by going to last option of shadow.
Glow is also shadow but in different designs and you can change these designs according to your need. You can also take more glow color by going to “more glow color option.”

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