What is Apollo 11 ?

Apollo 11 was the mission which was established for going to human being on
moon . 40 years ago , Aldrin and Armstrong reached on the moon under the Apollo 11 . It was 20 july 1969 . Today 21 july 2009 , Google is celebrating this day for great event remembrance .

Some other features of Apollo 11

  1. Support crew

Charles Moss Duke, Jr., Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM)
Ronald Evans, CAPCOM
Owen K. Garriott, CAPCOM
Don L. Lind, CAPCOM
Ken Mattingly, CAPCOM
Bruce McCandless II, CAPCOM
Harrison Schmitt, CAPCOM
Bill Pogue
Jack Swigert

2. Flight directors

Cliff Charlesworth (Green Team), launch and EVA
Gene Kranz (White Team), lunar landing
Glynn Lunney (Black Team), lunar ascent reference from wikipedia

3. see Apollo time line at Nasa's official website

4. See Experiment Operations During Apollo EVAs at here .

Buzz Aldrin carrying the two packages that made up the EASEP on Apollo 11. On the left is the PSEP and on the right is the LRRR (AS-11-40-5942).

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