how solar eclipse works

On 22 July 2009 , you have seen longest time Solar eclipse for 6 minutes, 39 seconds . This is the first time when you can see this duration . Google celebrated it by making his picture . Now everybody know how solar eclipse works ? or somebody can ask how it happens or occur ?
This is very scientific question and answer is also very scientific . So , Online education blog will tell you how it works ?

Solar eclipse works when moon comes between sun and earth . This is very rare case . We know Earth is rounding herself and around sun and moon is rounding the earth . When moon makes the angle of 5 degree between earth and sun plan then solar eclipse happens and we can see it with glasses because it is harmful for eyes to look it without glasses . Black glasses are good for watching solar eclipse .
Total same event has happened and Solar eclipse has been looked in China, Nepal and India .
Partial eclipse from New Delhi, India

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