How did babies perform in "Evian Roller Skating Babies" Video ?

One week ago the video " Evian Roller Skating Babies " has uploaded and it has become super hit on YouTube . It has received More than 250,819 views with in just one week . And also it has obtained more than 201 comments . It is just advertisement of Evian drinking water which is fully commercial ads . In this video small babies are performing on skates and the person who has watched it kept finger in mouth .

Because it is impossible but it is done with excellent animation and video graphy and something change the background .

If we analyse how it has made . Then I will say only that They performed it with computers techniques in which the babies bodies are showed but in actual , it is done by real professional skaters, then put real babies in front of a green screen and filmed them moving their heads in just the right ways to match the skaters' movements. This is the logic beyond performing this video . But in real sense it is very funny . Watch below

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