When was oldest university in Germany ( University of Heidelberg ) Established ?

After 623 years , students of this University are studying in its old main Hall University of Heidelberg which is the oldest university in Germany , was established today 18 Oct. 623 years ago in 1386 , this university was established . This is true history of this university . Rupert I was established it .

In 2008

The university employs more than 15,000 academic staff, most of them are engaged in the University Hospital.[42] As of 2008, the faculty encompasses 4,196 full time staff, excluding visiting professors as well as graduate research and teaching assistants. 673 faculty members have been drawn from abroad. Heidelberg enrolls a total of 26,741 students; including 5,118 international students. In addition there are 1,467 international exchange students at Heidelberg. 23,636 students pursue taught degrees, 4,114 of whom are international students, and 919 are international exchange students. 3,105 students pursue a doctoral degree, including 1,004 international doctoral students and 15 international exchange students. In 2007, the university awarded 994 Ph.D. degrees.

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