How to fight someone faster than you

To fight someone faster than you is an art and if you want to fight someone faster than you , then you have to learn Fight Science deeply , after this you can check what are other fighter taking action . First of all you have to learn Martial Arts fundaments . It is six to one year course in which you can learn how to safegaurd your self and how to answer other fighter . After two year regular practice , you will become fighter to fight some one faster than you . Here in this short article , I am giving some tips which will be useful for you . If you want to know more on online education , then email and subscribe online education .

  • If speed of other fighter is more than you , then first try to protect yourself because protection is better than take action. It is the suggestion of great fighters of the world .
  • Kick on the nervous system . To stop his fastness , it is also necessary to kick on the nervous system ( Warning : It is only when you are going to marketing and someone kill or harm to you otherwise , I will not suggest to you to offer this trick because , this trick can take the life of other person . )
  • Make your body so solid so that other person when fastly fight with you but due to you are like iron , and other person will be down and feel sad why is he fighting with rock or iron . In India , Shri Hunam , Ram Murti , Maharishi dayanandaSarswati are so solid and when other person fighted fastly , they had been down because they were iron man .
  • Change your mental psychology , when you will think other person is fighting faster than , you , he will surely faster than you . Be confident and after self confidence take action . After increasing high and high confidence , you will feel that other is slower than you and you can win the game .