Indirect Proportion and its importance

Indirect proportion means that when two proportion's relation will opposite or reverse . At that time we can say the rule of indirect proportion . The following video will explain more

Importance of Indirect Proportion

Indirect proportion is very useful for solving logical reasoning problems in real life and in higher education level . In UGC NET has also included it in logical reasoning .

I can explain its importance with simple example

If 4 women can reap a field in 10 days, how long will 5 women take to reap it .

we can solve above problem with the rule of indirect proportion by following way

4 X 10 = 5 X x

4 X 10 / 5 = x
8 = x

5 women can reap it in 8 days .

If increase of women's number , it will decrease the number of days , so the rule of indirect proportion will apply

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