How Internet Relay Chat Works

Xaric, a console based IRC client, in use on Mac OS X. Shown are two IRC channels and a private conversation with the software author.

Internet Relay Chat is most popular way to chatting with others . In this Chart system two persons are able to chat by writing text message on the form that is called IRC form . Many forum and websites you have seen the IRC form and if you click it you can chat it .

According to latest research 760,000 users of IRC on 650 different networks spread over 7,600 servers. In real sense IRC is becoming vital part of ICT in this new world .

Now , you have Understood what is IRC .

Now understand the system of IRC means how it works

IRC works with IRC client software and support networking . It uses TCP for connceting other IRC . Many IRC need not to login , you can direct chat in its form without any login . Two users can connect with each other by IRC Client and most popular IRC client is ChatIRC and XChat .
The base of communication in an established IRC session is a channel . It is made for group communication in discussion and IRC channels are used in it.

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