Story of Small Kiwi bird in Simple English

Kiwi is very interesting and tragic video of Madyeti47 which gained best award from youtube in 2006 in film and animation category . There is no voice in the video but its impression and animated acting and music of kiwi tells all story very interesting way .

This video has received 21,759,769 views up to this date and 57,042 video visitors comment on this YouTube video and if we search google approximate 22,900,000 web pages comes with the name Kiwi keyword .

Now I am telling you its tragic story in simple English words .

One day a very small Kiwi stands on a rock . She wants to jump from that rock but because her wings were very small , she wants to do some practice , so he starts first practice . For doing practice , she binds rope to two trees and get training of jumping with the help of rope and then with full determination , she jumped from that rock .

She already knew that after jumping she will not live longer but after this she die for fulfilling his dream and aim of life that is fly in air and many times she was flying in the sky and in the end , she close his eyes and absorb in nature of white clouds . And the end of Video !! Sad but aimful !!

From this small and famous video of Kiwi , we can learn that , if you have any dream or aim , then for achieving of that aim , you should not fear from death . I also special thanks to EMPPT , brightlights212 , MoofunQueen YouTube channels help me for writing me story of kiwi in simple english , so thanks to these channels and you can now enjoy this video of kiwi after reading of its story , you will surely enjoy more from this video.

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