How to change the background of a video

Changing of background of a Video is very interesting and enjoyable work . When , I did not know how to change the background of a Video , I have searched day and night and in one day , I succeeded to change my Video's background .

This is very easy . For changing the background of Video is actually chroma Effect in technical term and need Sony Vegas Software but do not worry , we also change video's background in Window movie maker . For this you have to install blue screen transition XML file from Window movie maker's site and

then you have to make your Video by keep blue background after this when you have made your video then you choose and import your favourite background , I have selected a office inside picture in my background and then mix your video with your favourite background .

After this you have to pick blue screen transition and keep on mixed video and see Video . Blue background will totally remove and you will see your favourite background in your Video. Now share and enjoy after changing the background of your video .

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