How to Fight Someone Bigger than You

For learning how to fight someone bigger than you , here I am providing some tips which will be helpful for you . In future , you will read also " How to Fight Someone Faster than You"

Always fight for your self security not to quarrel for creating violence . I am against violence .

Leave to eat meat , if you want to make flexible body like me . Flexibility is the first condition for fighting better way with your enemy.

Drink daily milk and not to drink tea or coffee or other soft drinks like coca cola or Pepsi.


Get up early in the morning and Go for morning race .


Always pray God and demand power , knowledge and good brain .


Respect your teacher because , if you respect your teacher , your mental power will increase and if your mental power will increase , you can fight with full attention .


Join any judo karate Club or sport club where professional coach provides the fighting education , never use action yourself , it may danger for your life .


Do yoga daily , it will increase your concentration .


Try to open your leg plates , it will helpful you to jump and fighting .


Collect your power before doing any action against your enemy.