Definition of Teaching and its Characteristics

Definition of teaching

Teaching includes all the activities of providing education to other. The person who provides education is called teacher. The teacher uses different method for giving best knowledge to his students .He tries his best to make understand students. His duty is to encourage students to learn the subjects.

Teaching means interaction of teacher and students. They participate for their mutual benefits. Both have their own objective and target is to achieve them.

Many great teachers of world define teaching in different way and we can say that teaching is just to train the students so that they can stand on their own foot in society .

In teaching, three main aspects comes in our front

1st is teacher
2nd is students
3rd is education

Nature and characteristics of teaching

1. The main character of teaching is to provide guidance and training.
2. Teaching is interaction between teacher and students.
3. Teaching is an art to give knowledge to students with effective way.
4. Teaching is a science to educate fact and causes of different topics of different subjects.
5. Teaching is continues process .
6. Teacher can teach effectively, if he has full confidence on the subject.
7. Teaching encourages students to learn more and more.
8. Teaching is formal as well as informal
9. Teaching is communication of information to students. In teaching , teacher imparts information in interesting way so that students can easily understand the information .
10. Teaching is tool to help student to adjust himself in society and its environment.

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