Main objectives of Google friend connect

Google friend connect is new product of Google which has been launched by Google. What is the need of Google friend connect, its objectives can give the answer for this question, there are following main objectives beyond launching this product.

1st objective >> With Google friend connect, two or more friends can connect as social network when they meet in any one site, web blog. They can send message to other friend through Google friend connect or they can get the message from other friend with Google friend connect. So they easy connect with each other with the help of friend connect. There is also facility of invite other friends in Google friend connect.

2nd objective >> With friend connect , more traffic can attract to any site because when , a person or fan of your blog or site invite to other for joining your site or blog through Google friend connect , then it will easily , your site or blog's traffic will increase . You can also easily interact with your online visitors.

3rd objective >> You can give your friend connect as the forum or as help center for the benefit of your online visitors. I have done same thing, I take the product of Google friend connect and make it for my forum of SVOPI. So web publisher can make the forum with the help of Google friend connect .This is very interesting for me and it will be also interesting for you.

4th Objective >> In you tube’s Google code channel has full detail of these type of objectives. So people will know you with other website, with this your can increase your social network.

5th Objective >> It will be more benefited for app developer, they can reach many people.

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