Google and its benefits

Dear friends ,

Today , I am telling you the magic of Google . What can you do with the help of Google . Google is advance search engine . But today Google has become trouble shooter for us . There are following reason for it .

  • Fast speed of searching Contents
  • Largest research in searching
  • Best result in searching
  • Not only web search but also facility of different search engines in Google
  1. Image'>"> Image search engine
  2. Friend finding -orkut search engine
  3. Video'>"> Video search

Google uses language of page rank algorithm for give first preference . Google is crawl in your site if you submit the site map inGoogle webmaster . After this if you write best article in your website you can easily get first rank in Google search engine . How amazing it is ! With the Google webmaster tool , you can easily check your site top queries and show your page impression .

If you want to become better webmaster then you have to faith in Google . Because Google will reach you at your real position in search any problem and your approach at result given . Your can get lot of knowledge google from linesave'>"> linesave website

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