25 tips for becoming professional blogger

Dear friends,
Today I am telling the tips for becoming professional blogger .Please read carefully :-
1. Take a topic on which you have command and write the best article. It is very necessary for becoming professional blogger.
2. Always think new and then write it for the benefit of your blog reader
3. Never think on earning but think on your subject , and think how can you help other with blog facility . It is sure that it become the way of your earning .
4. Write always true in your blog . Never copy from any other blog . With this the reputation of your blog will decrease .

5. Always bring truth in the front of your reader what you want to show . Best blogger use this technique to promote their blog . I have read thousand blog which show false in the front of us . But only few professional blogger are called best who bring only truth in the front of us .

6. Every day , you must write one article for your own blog .
7. You must give comment to famous websites article if you want to make link building .
8. Word press is best option to give comments on given topic.
9. If you want to become professional blogger , write professionally . Never do any mistake either spelling or grammar in your article.
10. If you have a nice picture for your topic then this also publish with your post , It will give more chance to your website visitor to understand your blog .
11. Without reading the other blog article , never pass any comment because you comment also become as public content or the bad comment can delete by blog owner . So be polite while you are passing comment on any blog .
12. You should write your article with full research on the topic and if you get any material from other blog then mention this and give the hyper link of his website in your blog , other wise you will become cheater . So never copy but take reference of other website or blog .
13. Professional blogger’s thinking is very active , think before what will your next topic of your writing . One new article may increase or decrease your blogging career . So never write just ordinary or simple topic about which your reader known .
14. If you want to become professional blogger , you have to make your video in which you have to express your self . What can you give to other , what is your need to the world or what can you do . Think about this and make your professional video and upload it public video site , who will advertise your blog . Never forget to give name of your website .
15. If you want to become learn the website which make by professional blogger.
16. If you will work hard on your blog with positive thinking you will become professional blog.
17. I can give you the suggestion to you that if you write on my topic , you will sure succeed in your blogging career . a) You can easily write on your thoughts on around you and your society . b) You can write on b) your solution of different world problem like poverty , pollution , corruption and diseases because people often search Google for their problem and if you give the solution , you will become as professional blogger.
18. Never write on sex , violence but you can write who can stop porn site or how can stop world violence . Good character is big property of professional blogger.
19. Improve your teaching skill , if you want to become professional blogger , a good teacher can become good blogger because with understanding the psychology of your reader how can win the heart of your reader . So learn the psychology of your reader .
20. A professional blogger never becomes with in one day , I have started blogging since 19 Jan 2008 but I every day think , what can I do for becoming professional blogger in India like Amit aggarwal or many more . So If your thinking is match with me you will surely become a professional blogger.
21. Give some time to your every blog , if some body write any comment on your blog or send you query then your duty to give the answer of their problems. It will increase your goodwill . Never try to make the fool of your reader . Your reader is your real God . Respect them .
22. Always check that on what topic people is coming to your blog . For knowing this you can take the help of feedjit.com . This website show you who is one your blog and what is he seeing in real time. This will be very helpful to make you the planning of writing you to your blog.
23. Increasing the number of your blog and then internal network of every problem in your blog , surely making your professional blogger. A blogger who have more than 100 blogs can said that he is professional blogger because every problem is under is in his blog .
24. If you want to become professional blogger . Get the full education of search engine optimizing because search engine carry in the first page rank . You hard work never pays you if you are not in first page of any search engine . Try to come on the first page of search engine.
25. For becoming professional blogger , try to become good student because , if you want to know more , then you can write more . I always think that I am becoming good student , I love learning because take and give the education increase your blogging skill .Some good point of other blogger write in your blog and then evaluate what you learn from the other blogger . In last do not forget that this is all in free without any cost .

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  1. hi vinod, your blog really looks gud & this article really speaks the truth...mmmm...I hv to improve a lot to succeed blogging. G8 work !!!