Write Hindi in Ms Word with Free Google Tool

I have updated the previously released How to write in Hindi in Ms Word so that you can learn basic of writing in Hindi. Drawback of window xp’s Hindi script is that you have to learn Hindi language, but if you want to write English word like Hindi and want to change automatically in Hindi in ms word, then learn this tutorial. After this you can learn to write following

Google has made a very good and new tool named Google Transliteration IME . You have to download this tool by going to given line and before download the tool; you have to select Hindi language. After this when it is downloaded, click it for installing. After installing, activate this tool by going to following point
Start >> control penal >> regional and language >> Choose language option >> click details [if you did not install files for complex script then tick on it and install first from computer cd.]

After going to detail Select google Hindi input in installed services and then add it and choose Hindi language and click keyboard layout /ime us. And then click OK and then apply.

If you do not need you can also uninstall it by going to control panel and then click add / remove program .
Earlier, this tool was only used in blogging in Hindi language . But after installing , you can use it offline also .

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