Media and Education in Kerala

The University of Kerala's administrative building in Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala is a state of India in which the maximum numbers of periodicals are brought out for public information. We can take the name of Deepika, Kerala Kaumudi and Indian Today Malayalam for its own periodicals.

Kerala has an important role for publishing such periodicals and in Sept. 2008 Google News also launched Malayalam version especially for kerala peoples. This is the main reason that the state is also known as 100% literacy state and peoples of kerala are well educated.

Kerala is also known for major academic hubs which are hosted by University of Kerala. There are other universities like Cochin University of science and technology and Mahatma Gandhi University are also playing a very good role for spreading higher education in Kerala. Peoples are well readers of different newspapers and periodicals and its name is also in world class uncorrupted state of India.

Moreover Kerala has 17 Malayalam channels which broadcast in their regional language Malayalam.

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