Main reasons of affecting ground water of West Bengal affected with arsenic contamination

Arsenic contamination is serious arsenic poisoning which is continuing spreading by natural way and it is very dangerous for human being's health. 137 million peoples of 70 countries are affected from this problem of ground water . The postion of West Bengal's ground water is more dangerous because , it is fully affected with arsenic contamination and large number of people died with infection of this water .

There are following main reasons of affecting ground water of West Bengal with arsenic contamination :-

  1. Ganga delta is nearer to West Bengal which is source of this contamination .

  2. Millions of tuble of West Bengal are sunk .

  3. According to WTO , maximum concentrations of arsenic in safe drinking water is 0.01 mg/L. But in West Bengal , it is at 0.05 mg/L which is dangerous .

Solution of Problem

Britain's bail fast situated Kevin's University's research have developed a technique which is cheap and suitable to remove the problem of ground water of West Bengal

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