Truth and facts in ICICI bank loan recovery system

ICICI bank is one of largest India bank in India . But , ICICI is these days in news relating to his bad loan recovery system. Delhi Consumer court has taken this fact very seriously and order to pay Rs. 55 lakh , but question is still exist , what is the need to use this bad way for recovering the loan?

It is not good and not under law to beat just for sake of recovery of loan by hiring goons or (known coloquially as "goondas").

20 top Controversy cases of ICICI bank now published in Wikipedia .

update - 23-02-2009
But , Before faith on matter in wikipedia , it is also true that the all information in wikipedia is not true because wikipedia is collaborative source of information and any one can change it . There is lack of accuracy , authority, objectivity .
The Paul Robeson Library at Rutgers University has make short video for telling some of the known problems with Wikipedia. So , do not believe everything about Controversy cases of ICICI bank , if you have not any other solid proof .

NDTV, channel published the following video which is telling truth and facts in ICICI bank loan recovery system. If seeing this video , you can estimate yourself that ICICI bank has cross his limit and Delhi consumer court has taken good decision for stopping such bad recovery system of ICICI bank