How to make video for youtube with picasa software

Making of YouTube video in Picasa software is very easy . You have to follow few steps and you will able to make and upload video in YouTube . First of make the folder of your favourite pictures and then take it in Picasa software , after this below you see the button of movie in Picasa software . Click it and after this you can see time duration of each slide , changing of slide and also add new slide in movie . For adding new slide where you can more description can get by click below add new slide . After this check your video by playing it and when you conform to your video , you can also add good music in it by right side you will see the button of load . From your hard- drive , you can select different music and add in movie . After this click YouTube in Picasa software and Waite for making and uploading video in YouTube . If you have not login your YouTube account please login in Picasa software . When you have completed uploading of your video in Picasa , you can more change the setting by going to YouTube account .

Benefit of making and uploading video to YouTube Via Picasa

  • More quality from movie maker video

  • More clarity

  • More clear of sound .

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  1. Thank you it is a very good support, now to make video for youtube with picasa software is definitely simple and easy with the help of your guidance. Thanks