Difference between Google gmail and yahoo email facilities

Google's GMail and yahoo's email are both used for Internet communication and transmission of information from one place to another place speedily and fastly . But you know there are many differences in both facilities .

1st Difference

Gmail provides us 1 gigabyte limit of storage of our mails which is more than yahoo. Under this storage , there is no need to delete any message in GMail

2nd Difference
Gmail has high scanner for scanning spam email , but you have seen the number of spam is in yahoo! Mails are very high.

3rd Difference

Gmail provides chat facility and now also providing video chatting in GMail account , this service is not provided by yahoo! mail service

4th Difference

Timing of attachment in gmail is very less than yahoo document attachment .

5th Difference

Yahoo provide folder facility in yahoo!mail account but gmail does not give such facility .

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